Photography   and    Poetry        
Homer photographer and writer, Christina Whiting

     "Nature has long been my one true solace.  Many of my most fond childhood memories include an old birch tree, a neighborhood pond, a field of canola, and an unnamed hill overflowing with blueberries. I believe that as stewards of this wondrous planet, we ought to joyfully attend to the protection of its precious and breathtaking fragility." Play
Symphony of Blue
      Born in Alaska and raised in Alberta, Christina Whiting strives to capture the beauty of Alaska's landscapes and wildlife with grace and humility. "I am drawn to photograph from the inside out; that is, I see first with my heart and then with my eye."  Enjoying a life of simplicity, in a rustic cabin tucked back in the woods and surrounded by nature's bounty, Christina says "I am blessed to share this special space with the many birds, squirrels, voles, eagles, porcupine, crows, moose and black bear that frequent here.  Stepping out my front door in to this spectacular, ever-changing panorama of forest and mountains, beach and sky, nature's beauty touches my soul and I am reminded daily of what a gift it is to live here in the North."
      10% of proceeds are donated to local and international environmental nonprofit oganizations.